Types of Painkillers

painkillersPainkillers come in all different shapes, sizes, forms and types. Many people suffering from chronic pain, buy painkillers online at UK licensed pharmacies like RXExpress so the purpose of this article is to inform and help you make sense of the almost overwhelming sea of pain control drugs out there.

Essentially, what I’ve done here is break the pack into two groups; opioids and anaesthetics.

Type 1: Opioids

Opioids (such as co-codamol) are a form of painkiller that are effective in allowing brief relief from mild to moderate pain. You can buy drugs like co-codamol and other codeine based medications over the counter up to a certain dosage strength, after which you must obtain a prescription to acquire higher doses.

Opioid painkillers such as co-codamol provide highly effective pain control for fevers and mild body pain. This type of drug, due to it’s wide availability and easy acquirability is one of the most commonly used painkillers on the market. It is extremely effective in assisting the fight against acute pain such as fevers, mild headaches and aches due to a recent surgery. Unlike anaesthetics, which I will touch upon shortly, opioids are not effective in battling pain during actual medical procedures; they simply alter the way the brain responds to pain after the initial shock.

Note; most compounds in this category make use of more than one substance. While codeine is likely found in all drugs of this category, you will often find that the drug is paired with other substances, which produces varying effects of pain control. Take note of this and make sure you know exactly what you’re taking. Consult your doctor if you are unsure of the effects any such substance may have on you.

While it is difficult to accidentally overdose on opioids to the point of concern, it is still good to know the precautionary measures one can take and what to do/expect as you begin taking your new pain medication.

Type 2: Anaesthetics

Anaesthetics, unlike opioids such as co-codamol, are a much higher grade of painkillers and cannot be bought over the counter, often with or without a prescription.

Anaesthetics are commonly used in surgeries, wisdom tooth extractions and other medical procedures which have the ability to cause extreme pain unless such precautions are taken. You will not find anaesthetics on sale in your pharmacy or drugstore due to their profound effects on the human body. It is incredibly easy to misuse such drugs, which is also why they are not available on the market.

Which Is Right For You?

1_pharmacyEssentially, you will only ever run into one type of painkiller on the market as far as acute pain control goes; opioids. Drugs such as co-codamol can be bought rather easily as opposed to anaesthetics. Anaesthetics will usually only ever be applied under the direct supervision or instruction a medical professional who knows the correct operation of the appropriate needles and equipment required to administer anaesthetics.

One final word of warning – Painkillers can be very addictive. You can get free information about painkiller addiction at DrugFree World.


Co-codamol is a painkiller that is available through the prescription of a registered physician to give you better pain control. Buying co-codamol through a reputable pharmacy or online is highly recommended to ensure you are getting exactly what you need to get the most from your treatment. There are many different brand names of co-codamol that you may be given at the pharmacy and it is recommended that all the information in the packaging is read thoroughly to ensure your safety.

Forms of Co-Codamol

If you go online to buy co-codamol in the UK, you will soon discover that there are a few different forms that you could possibly receive of co-codamol.  Get more information here. You can buy co-codamol tablets, capsules, or effervescent tablets. The effects are generally the same however the instructions on how to properly take these forms of the painkiller may differ. For example, when using the effervescent you will need to dissolve the tablet in water before taking the necessary dose.

Storing Your Medications

pharmacyAfter you buy co-codamol, bear in mind that it is important to properly store your medications, as there is a possibility that the effectiveness of the pain control medication could lessen if not cared for properly. It is also important to keep all medications away from children as it could make them sick. Ensure that you have a place that is both cool, dry, and away from direct heat and light as well as out of sight and reach from children.

Important Information about Medications

Co-codamol, just like any other medications, should not be shared with others whether they themselves have a prescription or not. It is also important to take the exact dose that you are prescribed as not following this general rule can lessen the effectiveness of your treatment. It is your responsibility when using painkillers and other medications that if you have an emergency situation to inform the doctor or hospital of the medications you are on. This will keep you safe and they can ensure that they will not give you anything that may react poorly with co-codamol.

Medications to Avoid

When taking co-codamol you want to avoid taking while you are prescribed this painkiller are or contain chloramphenicol, colestyramine, domperidone, metoclopramide, and warfarin. If you happen to be on medications that contain these ingredients, you should inform your doctor right away so you can receive a different medication. The types of medications that can react with co-codamol are coumarin anticoagulants, medicines that depress the CNS, monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs), and oral contraceptives. Ensure that you thoroughly inform your doctor on everything you take, even if it is as simple as a Tylenol once a week or once a month.

Complimentary Medications

If you are interested in medications and vitamins that will compliment co-codamol you should ask your doctor to ensure that all things you are taking are safe to use while using this painkiller. Co-codamol doesn’t have too many restrictions in the UK when you compare it to other pain control medications though your doctor should be completely involved with your treatment. This will ensure that your use of this painkiller and other medications are completely safe.