Taking Co-Codamol and Pain Free

Co-Codamol is an analgesic used for pain relief that contains paracetamol and codeine. The combination of these two painkilling agents is extremely useful for short-term pain management such as a toothache, muscular pain, and nerve pain. Co-codamol is called many other names such as Codipar, Paracodol, Kapake, Sopadol, Tylex, and Zapain, which come in the form of capsules, tablets, and effervescent tablets.

You can legally buy co-codamol online in the UK at this site where you can order either tablets of effervescent pills in 30mg/500mg strength as a generic, or under various brand names such as Solpadol and Kapake. Or you can buy co-codamol over the counter at lower doses (with up to 12.5mg codeine content) from any pharmacist by request. You can expect the pharmacist to ask you some basic questions in this case before providing your medication.

Before Taking Co-Codamol
Like other medications, there are things to consider that play a large part in attaining a prescription from a registered physician. If you are pregnant, trying to get pregnant, or breastfeeding, you should not use co-codamol. If you have been diagnosed with breathing problems such as asthma or COPD, the use of co-codamol can make these issues worse. People with other health issues involving their liver, kidneys, prostate, gallbladder, bowels, adrenals, or thyroid should take precautions and read through the risks with their doctor thoroughly. Taking co-codamol may not be the right choice if you have epilepsy, serious head injury, myasthenia gravis, or are taking alternative medications.

Taking Co-Codamol
When taking any medications, especially co-codamol, it is important to read through all the information about the specific brand that you have been given. Ensure that you are taking co-codamol exactly as you have been directed by your doctor and pharmacist. Do not take more then what has been prescribed to you as it could have adverse effects on your health. It is important to follow all instructions to the letter to use co-codamol safely. Co-Codamol can be addictive and painkiller addiction is a serious issue. This site – painfree.org – is a non-profit organization with plenty of good advice about how to avoid the pitfall of drug abuse when taking co-codamol and other codeine type medications.

Getting the most out of your treatment
If for any reason the co-codamol is not working or if you feel as though the effects of the medicine could be not right for you, you should speak with your doctor immediately. If you buy co-codamol from a pharmacy location or online, it is advised to not take co-codamol for longer than three days. However you can receive further advice from your doctor to ensure that you are completely safe using this medication. One of the risks of using co-codamol for pain control for a long period of time can cause addiction and should be discussed with your doctor. Do not drink alcohol while using co-codamol as it can cause drowsiness and the use of alcohol while using this or any other painkillers can worsen the effects.

Problems Caused by Co-Codamol
Common side effects from co-codamol include, but are not limited to, feeling sick, constipation, feeling sleepy, dry mouth, dizziness, and skin rash. Some of these effects can be countered with the proper measures and your doctor should be informed right away. If you experience a feeling of sickness, try eating a little and more often. You can counter constipation by eating healthy well balanced meals and drinking plenty of water, consult your doctor before taking stool softeners. If you are feeling drowsy, be sure to avoid driving while taking this painkiller. Dry mouth can be countered through sugar-free gum, sucking on sugar-free sweets, and drinking plenty of water. All these will help keep you safe while your pain is being controlled. Be sure to inform your doctor of anything unusual or concerning to you.


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